For as long as she can remember, painter and photographer Shelley Olivier has been on a treasure hunt for ‘the magic light’ in her surroundings. She savors the fact that the beauty of one ‘magic’ moment can be enjoyed forever through photography and paintings.

Shelley’s artistic eye began while growing up in the Panhandle of Texas on her family farm . She recalls hearing her mom always saying, “Look at the light on that stock of wheat! Look at the light and shadow in those clouds! Look at the darks and lights in that tornado!” (just kidding), more like; “Look at that erie green sky! A tornado is on it’s way!” All of her life, her mom, along with many teachers and mentors helped train her eyes to ‘see’ and use color.

She has a BS in education and art from Texas Tech University and has studied under various artists and photographers. Her most serious studies of late began in the mid-nineties under the nationally recognized artist, Don Sahli. Don’s background is in the Russian School of Painting under Sergei Bongart, the famous Russian colorist. It’s through Don’s inspiration and outstanding teaching skills that motivated Shelley to open her own studio doors, in a converted horse barn, (no less), to not only paint but teach as well.